swagged up cyborg
FLA reppin mane
catch a nigga sketchin or
swervin in the next lane
drunk af off vodka and power
high on sour
main girl steady leanin like the tower
watching chowder, fuck that
torrent up some flapjack
put the laptop down lemme hit it from the back
don’t act
like u don’t luhdat shit
go figure that she letta nigga hit
steady stickin

Blue Flame Mixtape 🔥💙
Red Flame Mixtape: Evil Edition 🔥👺

me in the future during my first boiler room set——

Man welcome you feel me
It’s ya boy HBO
boilerroom.tv, nigga I shoulda been had one of these
only goon nigga in these tiny jeans, you feel me
only goon nigga in these tiny pants bitch
I been hittin’ licks nigga
you know what it is bitch

fly me 2da moon {Tokyo)

im wat they call a “keeper”

Toro Y Moi All Alone

third eye bloodshot

im rich wit spirit mind and creativity but I also wan b rich wit $$$